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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31 (day 3 / week 5)

Oh cow! I can't believe that I almost to post to my blog today! I exercised a few hours ago, but have been busy non-stop since, so that's why it slipped my mind. I sold some stuff on eBay, and was taking pictures of more things to sell while Logan was down for his nap.

I did "Burn It Up!" phase 3 today and for some reason it was harder for me to do today, than in the past. *shrugs* I got nothing as to why lol. I have to put my hands on my hips a lot, and I have been noticing for some time that it feels like my muffin top is getting smaller. I used to have to rest my hand above it or below it, because of how big it was (awkward position for my hand). Now I can rest my hand on it and it isn't awkward.

I also did a lot of running around today trying to ship the items we sold on eBay. For 2.5 hours I was packing, lifting, carrying and squatting with boxes. I think the 5 or 6 boxes combined were about 20 lbs (the heaviest being 9 lbs and long and awkward), so I probably got a pretty good workout doing that. I did feel a little winded at first, but that went away. I hope my back doesn't hurt tomorrow, but I'm pretty aware of proper body mechanics from working at a hospital for so long and being on my feet for 12 hour shifts.

Don't really know what else to say! Ooh! I will be doing my measurements tomorrow morning (first thing), so I will post those after I exercise. Yaay! I'm so excited! (wish I had measured my sausage feet and muffin top lol)

Hope everyone has a great workout! Have a great rest of the weekend :).

God bless!

I can do this. I am a star... with a smaller muffin top lol

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30 (day 2 / week 5)

When you decided to do something everyday for an entire year, you kind of have a picture in your mind how to do it. I decided to exercise, so I figured that everyday sometime in the morning before Logan woke up, or in the afternoon when Logan is taking his nap, I would put my video in, and exercise that way. Today I didn't. My "plan" sort of fell apart I guess.

I was super cold today and fell asleep on the couch while Logan took his nap. By the time I woke up Jason was home from work and it was pretty late (in my eyes) to do a video.

A few days ago MizFit posted a video in her blog that demonstrated some basic resistance band exercises. The exercises I do with Slim in 6 are very similar, but remembering her blog, inspired me to do resistance band exercises today.

I am trying to build endurance in my muscles so I did a lot of repetitions in each set and rotated everything w/out stopping for a little over 20 minutes. My heart rate elevated and I started to breathe heavily, so I guess that's a good thing. I guess this would be like circuit training (??).

I rotated these exercises:
squats, bicep curls (band), tricep extensions (band), lat pull backs (band), overhead extensions (band) and 2 things I don't know the name for (one for the hamstring and the other for the front part of the deltoid with the band).

Oh! I noticed something different today. It's totally silly, but makes me happy. Before I got fat, I used to love Love LOVE my feet. Totally ridiculous, but they are cute, and my mom always teased me because I wanted to be a "foot model" (I really do have cute toes). Anyway, when I got fat, my feet turned into plump sausages with chubby stumps for toes (a lot probably due to the pregnancy). Since the weather turned, I don't think I have seen my feet without socks on at all (expect in the shower but I'm blind so cant see them anyway). Today I had them off because I spilled some of Logan's juice on my foot (wet socks are a pet peeve of mine) and noticed that my feet have gotten A LOT slimmer. I have ankles again and my toes look longer again--not like little sausages. I will be super excited if I can fit into my cute shoes again :). I'm sure I will be able to by the end of the year. Yaay!

It's funny how we lose weight in the strangest areas--places we would never even think to lose weight! :)

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend and a great weekend workout!

I can do this. I am a star. (with cute feet)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29 (day 1 / week 5)

Today I only did 30 minutes of "Burn It Up!" (it's 60 minutes long). I'm OK with this. I did the aerobics--I guess it would be more like calisthenics because we are using our body weight for resistance (eg: 1/2 jacks, lunges, squats, plies, etc *shrugs*)--and the resistance bands part.

It's funny, yesterday I went to Costco and bought a huge bottle of Glucosamine (375 tablets) and took one when I got home. I told my hubby, "Watch. Tomorrow I am going to feel like they are working already, when I know darn well that on average it takes about a month to notice it." lol. TOTALLY psychological, cause today my knees didn't crack. They weren't 100% better, but I could do lunges and squats without grimacing. It could be from the stretching I did yesterday, but I thought it was funny--I totally called it (isn't the power of suggestion great?!).

I can't believe that I am starting week 5 already. I can't believe how fast time is flying by.

Hope you all have a great day! Have a great workout!

I can do this. I am a star.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 (day 7 / week 4)

I was so mad today that I was shaking and felt jittery for almost an hour. Someone (probably some punk kid) in our apartment complex, keeps drawing with their finger on my car! A month ago I had a name, written across my spoiler on my trunk. When I call the leasing office about it, they say there is nothing they can do, if I didn't see it happen, and don't know what apartment they live in, although there was a first, middle and last name on my car.

Today I went out to my car and there was an obscenity on my car! I was furious and made sure the leasing office knew that I was. I don't understand why, but the apartment manager was clueless to this happening. I guess the douche bag (db) I talked to before never said anything to her and so she was mad that they didn't (and wouldn't) write down the name that was first written on my car (ironically the db has the same name as the apartment manager, so I thought she knew the entire time!). Anyway, we are done with this place. I feel grateful and blessed that we wont be here much longer, and that God has given us an option to leave (it really is a blessing because we are miserable!). It's not easy to just get up and move 500 miles away, especially with no money to fund it, so it really is a blessing that God is making this happen for us, and provided a house for us to live in rent free.

This being said, I knew I wanted to exercise, to burn off some anger and energy. I felt achy though, from the new phase 3 that I have been doing, and so I decided to do "Slim & 6pack," the 11 minute bonus ab workout that comes with the Slim in 6 series, and "Slim & Limber," the 15 minute stretching bonus video that also comes with Slim in 6.

Boy, let me tell you, it felt great! I was really worked up after talking to management again, and it just helped me mentally and physically calm down. The last time I did Slim & Limber, it felt great. This time felt even better! I wish all of you had access this video, because it feels great after you have been exercising, and feels great to exercise again, once you have done it. I had so much tension, and it really helped.

Dinner last night was so delicious! I was ecstatic about the corn and red pepper salad and am happy that I made a lot! The quesadillas were unbelievable and I am going to have the left overs for lunch after I finish this entry. Yum!!!

Happy exercising! If you are in a slump and don't want to exercise, stretch! It's good for your muscles and you will feel so great afterward!

I can do this. I am a star :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27 (day 6 / week 4)

Thank you for all of your responses for yesterday's blog. I felt like I was in a better place to exercise today, so that was nice.

I exercised twice today (not really intentionally). I woke up with the intention to exercise right away because I had an exercise invite for this morning at 6am. I got about 20 minutes into the workout and was miserable, so I stopped. 20 minutes is fine with me. I just felt like I didn't have the energy.

I made some super yummy EVIL snickerdoodle muffins (thanks Erin--she has other great super yummy (and probably evil >:-) recipes also on her Nagle5 News blog), gave Logan a bath, and then cut his hair (HUGE accomplishment--he doesn't really let me come at him with his brush lol). It took me an hour lol. I felt a sense of peace and accomplishment after cutting his hair and putting him down for a nap w/out a stuggle, that I wanted to exercise.

My intention was to do "Ramp It Up!" (phase 2, I miss it *tear* lol), but I forgot that, "Burn It Up!" is on a completely separate disk from the first 2 phases, and I was too lazy to switch out the DVD--baby locks and all (lol wanting to exercise but too lazy to change a DVD lol). So I just did Burn It Up...and...

*Dora music starts* I did it! I did it! We did it! Yay! lo hicimos! (we did it) (we did it) horray!

I did the entire thing without skipping through sections. I think I need to go count everything so I know what I'm up against. I'm almost sure I'll feel stronger to do it all, if I just know what those darn numbers are lol! I dread the lunges because my knees hurt. I went to the store yesterday to get glucosamine, but didn't put it on a list (cause it was the only thing on it) so came home with everything and the kitchen sink BUT the glucosamine lol. Once the lunges part is over, I'm happy and have no problem doing the rest of the workout (The last 2 days skipped over the lunges surprise, surprise! :-O)

Tonight for dinner I am going to make these Easy Chicken Quesadilla's and the Corn and Red Pepper Salad to go along with it (Thank you Wendy--she has healthy recipes on her blog tomatotomata if you are interested--also has nutritional info! yaay!). I originally didn't want to put red peppers in it, cause my hubby doesn't like them, but I decided he needs to get over it lol. If he doesn't like what I cook, he can go to bed without dinner (echoing childhood memories lol). I am also going to add the other veggies she suggested, just cause Logan likes veggies, and I have them on hand (cucumbers and cherry tomatoes).

I hope everyone has a wonderful workout and/or rest day (or rest vacation!).

I can't thank God enough for all of the support I am getting with my resolution. You are all HUGE blessings! Thank you!

I can do this. I am a star.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26 (day 5 / week 4)

I am really struggling to not hate "Burn it Up!" I did it again today, and it just kicks my butt! I hate it. I really don't look forward to doing it (maybe I will when/if it gets easier for me). Today I procrastinated for over an hour before I exercised because I just really didn't want to do it.

I haven't been in my right state of mind lately--really since I started focusing on myself. My profile says I'm Christian, and by reading most of my blogs, you wouldn't know it. I haven't gone to church since the New Year, and I kick myself for it. I can't take credit for willpower or the strength to get up and exercise everyday--it's all Him. All of the motivation that I get from you guys, comes from Him too. He is looking out for all of us, and He brings us together to lift each other up in our time of need. One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:13 and I think about it whenever I struggle. I can do anything through Him because He gives me the strength to do it. I just need to ask. I don't think I have ever said out loud "give me the strength to do this" but God knows our hearts, and he knows mine, and whenever I need the strength, something that one of you guys says to me, gives me the strength. It is such a powerful feeling to know that I sit on my butt, and whine and don't want to exercise, and "hate" what I'm doing, but He puts that tiny glimmer in my heart to do it.

The reason why I mention this is because I used the word "hate" an awful lot. Words are like emotional magnets. If you surround yourself in negative things, that kind of sticks to the meat on your bones. If I tell myself that I hate something (such a powerful word) I will (Luke 6:45). That's why I always sign off with what I do. If I say I am a star, whether or not it's true, someday I will believe it. I don't want to hate what I'm doing, and God will give me the strength to not hate it. If we have good thoughts in our hearts, we will do good things. If we have bad thoughts in our hearts, we will do bad things (Luke 6:45).

Sorry for the rambling, but I guess it just weighed heavy on my heart, and kind of surprised me to read such negativity coming from me. I really believe that things are how we make them and if I continue to say that I hate this workout this much, I will, and will eventually quit.

I can do this because He gives me the strength. He makes me a star.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 (day 4 / week 4)

Well I didn't punk out on my workout today. I did "Burn It Up!" again, and it's taking a lot more willpower to do this, than it did the previous phase (Ramp It Up!) because it seems so much longer. I did all 60 minutes today and it was extremely hard. I have to take mini breaks (no more than 30 seconds) because I start to fall or because it's just too hard--too many leg lifts at one time, or lunges. I have never fallen during the yoga part, and I fell today. My son and hubby laughed lol. My knees really hurt today doing the lunges. Not the knee that you are supposed to keep from going passed your toe, but the knee that drops to the ground. Every time it dropped, I could hear a little cracking noise, and then feel pain. I think I am going to see if I can find joint vitamins somewhere pretty cheaply. I need to go get those knee brace thingies one of you guys mentioned to me (I was at Walmart last night and completely forgot).

I remember when I started phase 2 I couldn't do the entire 48 minutes from start to finish without briefly resting, until the last week of that phase. I'm faithful that I will be able to do Phase 3, start to finish without stopping at some point also. If I can't then I am going to stretch phase 3 another week, until I can.

Thank you guys for your comments yesterday. I was beating myself up for not doing the entire workout, and you guys helped me to feel better about that. I did kick myself into gear today to make up for yesterday (thanks Becky, Erin and Destiny!).

The end of this month is creeping up pretty quickly, and soon I will have to take my measurements again. I wont be finished with Slim in 6 when I do it, so I will take my measurements again, when I am done I guess, to see if anything else changes. I'm afraid I am not going to see results in the places I want to see results. I am already prepared to see that my weight didn't drop, only because I can tell that my legs are getting stronger, and muscle weighs more than fat! I also want to take more measurements (arms, thighs, calves, neck and under the breast), so I can see EVERYWHERE that I am losing. I think having those extra measurements will help me to not feel bad, if I don't see the results I want with the current measurements I took. I want to focus more on how I feel anyway, because I can already tell that I feel differently (walking taller, a lot more flexible, less tired)

I hope everyone has a good day, and a great workout! :)

I can do this. I am a star.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 (day 3 / week 4)

Well, today I did, "Burn It Up!" but wasn't able to complete the entire workout. My sister called me when I was a little more than 30 minutes into the workout and she is very hard to get a hold of, so I didn't let her go to finish my workout. I feel like I punked out on my workout today, but at least I finished more than 30 minutes of it. What I did felt harder than yesterday. I was breathing extremely hard, and sweating all over.

I'll make it up tomorrow. I guess I'll call today a (non)rest day because of it. They are usually a little shorter, and less intense than today, so maybe it's a medium-rest day.

No matter what I decide to call it, I still punked out lol.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a great workout.

Thank you for the birthday wishes :).

See you tomorrow!

I can do this. I am a star (when I'm not punking out on my workout :()

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 23 (day 2 / week 4)

Oh cow! Man, today's workout was hard!

Today is my birthday (I made it easy for my hubby to remember my bday by being born on 0123 so he's never allowed to forget lol) and I decided my birthday present for myself would be to move on and say, "bye bye!" to phase 2. I woke up super early (5:30) and was more excited about tomorrow's workout, than today's. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Today would have been the last day for me in Phase 2 with "Ramp It Up!" but I couldn't wait! I wanted to move on to Phase 3, "Burn It Up!" so I did :).


It was silly and super hard all in one. It's hard to explain about the silliness, except for at one moment I felt like a crab and another moment like I was in a Goofy cartoon lol. You really can't just skip to phase 3 w/out doing the first 2, that's for sure (if you are not super fit). I feel like I was well prepared for this phase, but was surprised at how slowly it went by lol and how much more endurance I needed to do it. I thought that The Biggest Loser Workout was harder, but this is hands down A LOT harder than The Biggest Loser Workout. They are just different, so maybe you can't really compare them.

Phase 3 took all of my favorite parts from the 2nd phase (squats and lunges, core work and resistance bands) and brought it over for a more intense, fast paced workout. It added some of my favorite moves (the punching and core work) from The Biggest Loser Workout which I was happy with also.This is a fun workout but definitely high intensity. It was 60 minutes long, and I was sweating the entire time. I will DEFINITELY see results from this workout when I'm done, as there is no way you could not see results. I understand even more what Slim Training is after doing phase 3.

What the DVD box says about, "Burn It Up!" is this, and I'm super excited about it:

Burn It Up! will challenge your body to burn the maximum calories and to reshape your body (especially your thighs, arms and butt!). And since you have prepared your body with Start It Up! and Ramp It up!, your results are healthy, safe and guaranteed.

Overall today was a great workout, although I'm sure I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I punked out a little on the last 4 minutes of yoga, but Logan wouldn't leave me alone, and he wanted to be held, so I can't deny him of this. There is always tomorrow :).

Hope everyone has a great workout! Thanks for the motivation and I'm so happy to see so many of you joining me :). Thanks again!

Smiles and blessings,

I can do this. I am a star.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22 (day 1 / week 4)

I can't believe it's almost been a full month since I started exercising. Almost 11 months left and judging by this month, I have a feeling that it's going to fly by.

Today I tried something a little different. I still did "Ramp It Up!" (tomorrow is my last day) but I exercised while my 2 year old son was fully awake and in play mode. I usually exercise when he is first waking up, so he is just wants to lay there or during his nap, so I was a little nervous. Since tomorrow is my last day doing Phase 2 (48 mins), I figure that Phase 3 "Burn It Up!" is going to be longer, and I'm probably going to have to do it while he is awake, so that's why I tried it today.

He tried exercising with me and thought it was fun. He laughed a lot, but he always does I guess. He is so cute and my eyes welled up, watching him trying to exercise with me. He threw his arms in the air, when we were doing the "up and over" and kicked when we kicked. He ran circles around me when I was doing squats and climbed through my legs when I was doing lunges and yoga. He cried when I was doing the resistance portion, because he wanted my resistance bands, so I pulled out another set for him, and he tried to do it with me (I want to try to get a video of this so I can show his girlfriends when he gets older). He got down on his stomach to do push ups with me (lifting his head up and down lol), and during the leg lifts that I hate so much, he gave me kisses, tried to climb up on my back and draped his blanket over my leg (silly kid). I had fun and so did he :). This is how he used to be before he started his "terrible 2's" phase, so I really enjoyed exercising with him.

I also felt a lot stronger today. I sweated a lot more and was able to complete the entire workout without having to stop. When my muscle burns, it feels different now, like it's tolerable, and not painful, and I can push through it. I remember when I used to have rest days (actual rest days, not (non)rest days like I have now) I would feel stronger when I came back to the gym. Its a great feeling to see and feel yourself getting stronger!

Thank you again to everyone that inspires and motivates me to exercise. You guys really help me do this!

Happy exercising and see you tomorrow!

I can do this. I am a star.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21 (day 7 / week 3)

Yesterday Logan's Ped told me that I needed to put him on a "preschool" schedule (whatever that means) so that when he starts school, it wont be such a struggle to do it then. She didn't tell me when to get him up, but I'm assuming it's earlier (I just don't know how much earlier). She said I need to start getting him to bed by 8-8:30pm at the latest. I usually try to put him down at 9, but he really doesn't fall asleep until 10-10:30pm. This being said, I got early to exercise again today. I spent too much time doing other times and let the time go by. Seeing that I had to get him up early today, to start this new sleep routine, I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to do "Ramp It Up!"

I decided to do a (non)rest day today (phase 1, "Start It Up!"), because of this, and I wish I didn't. I'm not tired or sore, I was just short on time, and wanted to get a quick(er) workout in. I think this contradicts what I said yesterday about "making it count." Making it count, means more to me now, now that I understand why things are done the way they are on Slim in 6. I think this afternoon I'll do "Ramp It Up!" during Logan's nap, because of this. I really hope I'm not cold and tired again. I don't want another power struggle with my willpower lol.

Yesterday I was logging my exercise into SparkPeople, and asked myself, "I know this is aerobics, but it's also sort of like circuit training, so what kind of exercise is Slim in 6, exactly?" It turns out it's called, "Slim training." I knew this from years ago (from the infomercial) but just forgot. This is what I found yesterday to jog my memory:

Slim Training®
If you've ever seen a marathon, you've probably noticed one thing all the elite runners have in common—they're very thin. Too thin, perhaps, for some tastes, but, regardless, the process of running marathons all the time tends to make people very thin. The reason is that they do so much repetition that it limits the muscle's capacity for growth as well as using the body's stored fat for energy.

Repetitive movementsUtilizing a similar concept, we expanded on Sectional Progression by adding a repetitive element. By working the same body parts with less rest in between similar workouts, the body is forced into a different type of adaptation. Like a marathoner's body shows, repetition limits the amount of muscle growth that can occur. Wanting our clients to achieve a more well-rounded appearance than that of a marathoner, we reduced their massive number of repetitions and used a full-body circuit. This is done daily to limit the amount of resistance (weight) that can be used while working the entire body for a lean, slim look.

While very effective, this style of training can't be done all of the time. For this reason we made Slim in 6® a six-week program and recommend a recovery cycle in between rounds. A recovery cycle is a period of time when you reduce the intensity of your workouts—generally the weight and speed—to allow your body to recover, get strong, and become ready for another round of high-intensity training.

Reading this made a light bulb pop over my head. Now I know why we are doing exactly what we are doing. Somehow this will make it easier for me--there's a method to this madness!

Now, I'm really excited to move onto the next phase on Sat!

Sorry for the long post again.

Hope everyone has a good day and a good workout!

I can do this. I am a star.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 (day 6 / week 3)

I really didn't want to exercise today.

I wanted to earlier this morning, which is why I woke up early for it, but realized that I couldn't finish my entire workout if I did. I have to hear Debbie say, "See you tomorrow!" or I wont come back (lol) and I didn't want to punk out on my workout. I know would come up with excuses not to come back and finish the workout and end up saying something like, "well at least I did something today." I didn't want that. I want to make every bit of my exercise count.

My son had his 2 year wellness check this morning at 9 am, and I needed to make sure I got him up, got his snuggle time in (or he's a little punk for the rest of the day), feed him breakfast and get us both ready which means I needed to get him up around 7-715 at the latest. I woke up at 6am, would have started exercising at roughly 6:30, which puts me at finishing the workout at around 7:15. I would then need to take a shower and get ready, and wouldn't be able to wake him up until probably close to 7:45-8am. There is no way we could have made the dr's appointment on time if I did that--so I just didn't exercise at all this morning, but it really messed with my energy/willpower.

Logan got shots today, so it was also a very draining day. He cried from the moment we walked into the exam room until we left. very. draining. day. After we got home at 10:30am, I took him for a long walk (an hour) which could be considered exercise, but I don't, just cause I felt rather relaxed and exercise doesn't make me feel that way. Then put him down for a nap and thought about exercise. I watched the parade laying down on the couch (thinking about exercise), covered in a blanket (thinking about exercise) and FREEZING (thinking I really didn't want to exercise lol)! That made me drowsy (being on the couch does that to me anyway) and then I REALLY didn't want to exercise.

I got up to check some of our ebay auctions (to fund our move), then my email, and I saw some comments on my blog, which really motivated me to exercise!


I did "Ramp It Up!" again, and had so much energy doing it! It warmed me up, and now I feel great :). I increased the tension on the resistance band part of the workout, and my arms feel like jello. I have 3 more days on this phase, so I have to make it count!

I really wanted to thank you guys for motivating me to get my butt up and exercise! I really needed it today :).

Thank you again, and I hope you guys have a great workout yourselves!

Smiles and blessings!

I can do this. I am a star (thanks to you guys!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19 (day 5 / week 3)

Today was another early exercise day. I had another workout invite on WOWY from DaleBramall again (same person from yesterday's invite), but this time it was for 6am (PST)! I really tried to be ready and push play at 6, but it was really hard. I ended up starting at 6:30am instead (better than nothing). I did "Ramp It Up!" again, and calculated that I have 4 more days on Phase 2 before switching to phase 3 "Burn It Up!" That means that Friday is my last day doing this phase. *biting fingernails*

I really hope I'm strong enough to move on. I feel like I have really improved. I am excited to see what kind of results I will see :).

Now that I have been exercising for 19 days straight, its definitely getting easier to get up and do it each day. I don't feel like it's taking as much effort or willpower to do this anymore. It's becoming a part of my routine, and even my 2 year old is recognizing this. He woke up early today, and watched patiently from the couch as his mama finished her exercises. Now he sits patiently waiting for his cuddle time before breakfast.

This being said, see you tomorrow! Have a great workout and glad to see that so many of you joining me! It feels great, doesn't it? You guys are stars!

I can do this. I too, am a star. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18 (day 4 / week 3)

Thank you for Logan's birthday wishes yesterday. He says "thay coo!"

Today I did, "Ramp It Up!" again and I had an appointment to workout at 7am (PST). Some guy I don't know has been sending me (and a LOT of other people) workout invites through milliondollarbody.com (beachbody), and today I was on time :). This is what the invitation looks like after I have RSVPed:

RSVP Confirmed: Yes, I will attend

You have responded that you will attend the workout on Sunday, Jan. 18 at 7:00 AM PT with DaleBramall.

173 other people are planning to work out with you (WOWY) on Sunday, Jan. 18 at 7:00 AM PT.

DaleBramall will be doing Other for that workout. Log in and choose your workout now in your WOWY calendar.

It's gonna be a workout party! Invite someone else to WOWY on Sunday, Jan. 18 at 7:00 AM PT.

Be sure to log into WOWY a few minutes before your scheduled workout. We'll see you there!

It was early, but I felt great. I think it was because I knew 173 other people were there all over the US doing it with me.

If any of you would like an invite to workout, let me know your email address and I'll gladly send you an invite! It might prompt you to create an account, but you can do it for free (there is also an option to pay for extra perks--I would but we are saving money for the move). I really like working out with Team Beachbody because I use a lot of Beachbody products, and it personalizes my logged workout to my exact workout, instead of being pretty generic like SparkPeople (I'm still learning about that site, so I might be wrong!).

Last night for dinner I had Salsa Chicken wrapped in a tortilla (yum!), from A Year of Crockpotting, that I made the night before last. I also made 14 cups of chicken broth, which I was super excited to make again, because I have a new emmersion hand blender. It took 1/2 time time to make after it had been cooking all day in the crockpot, than the first time I made it, because I used a blender. SO EXCITING! I mention this, because I am consciously eating healthier and really enjoying it! Thanks Stephanie for posting in 1 lump all of the great healthy recipes (and super yummy not-so healthy recipes ;)).

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a great workout! You can do it! Have fun!

I am doing this! I am a star!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17 (day 3 / week 3)

Today is going to be a quick post because I have a ton of stuff to do. Today is my son's 2nd birthday. We're not having a party or anything, but I need to wrap a present...that he has already seen--how will we know he will like it if he doesn't play with it first? lol. He's a bit of a toy snob lol. I also need to bake him cupcakes so we can sing happy birthday to him.

Yesterday afternoon I did a 2nd part exercise, "Ramp It Up!" but I was very distracted and didn't do it wholeheartedly and I skipped the stuff that I had done earlier that morning (the resistance stuff).

Today I didn't want to exercise, and started to exercise with that state of mine. I decided 10 mins in, what is the point in exercising if I'm not going to try my hardest? I am the only person that can do this for me and it's a total waste of time to mess around (I will never see results that way), and so I perked up a little. I did, "Ramp It Up!" again and could tell that I am getting a lot stronger than when I started it. Great feeling!

Before I go, I have to tell you guys! I got the most wonderful compliment from my hubby yesterday. He is the kind of person that you have to pull compliments out of and lead him to, so it amazed me that he said something without my coaching. It's a little rough around the edges, but it was a compliment nonetheless! I was putting my belt on, and my pants still kept drooping and he said, "You lost your butt. It's flatter now. It's almost as flat as your back and that's why your pants wont stay up." Then he squeezed my butt and said, "it's getting firmer too." (sorry for the graphics). What a great compliment (in his own way lol :)). I kept thinking about that today when I was doing the squats, lunges and leg kicks that I hate so much. Yaay! :)

Have a good workout everyone!

I can do this. I am a star.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 (day 2 / week 3)

I woke up really early today. My hubby leaves for work at 5:30am and lately I have been asking him to set my alarm clock (aka my cell phone) and bring it to me. Today, he couldn't find it. He tried calling it, and didn't hear it ring, so we assumed that I left it in my car. I did. Knowing that it was in my car, I couldn't fall back asleep. I put my husbands robe on, a pair of pants and my slip on shoes (without socks) and ran out to my car to get the phone. It didn't feel like it was below 20F, but it was--it's 22 now as I type this and it's 8am! I came back inside and tried to go back to sleep, but that wasn't going to happen. I went online and poked around SparkPeople again.

Every 30 minutes I would try to pump myself into doing, "Ramp It Up!" I did this for 2 hours and finally decided (at 7:30) to get up and move. I put the video on and then punked out. I just don't want to do Ramp It Up this early...can you blame me? Right now, I just don't enjoy this kind of intensity first thing in the morning. I will work up to that because I have read somewhere (in school and I think Oprah's Bob Greene said it too), that you benefit more when you exercise early--although if you can't, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise at all. Some exercise is better than no exercise at all :).

Punking out on RIP didn't mean I was punking out all together today. I decided I really wanted to do some resistance training, and did...with my resistance band. I guess it was about 20-30 minutes--I don't know exactly how long as I was watching the news about the plane crash in the Hudson River yesterday (can you believe that???). I focused mainly on upper body...well arms and shoulders. I worked on my shoulders (overhead shoulder press), biceps (standing bicep curl) and triceps (overhead tricep extension<--I step on the band instead of holding it behind my back like this example). I did 3 sets of 15, for each muscle group. This afternoon after I put Logan down for a nap, I plan to do "Ramp It Up!" I know that I will benefit most from the cardiovascular exercises that I do, so that is why I am going to do it. Also, it would be lame of me to do a 6 week program, and not do it! lol. I have had this series for a long time, and never fully completed it (same with The Biggest Loser workout). My goal for this year (inside of my resolution), is to complete them...in full--all at 1 time, not start and come back to it like I always do. I will post about my additional exercise that I do this afternoon on tomorrow's blog, unless any of you would prefer that I post it today, in a 2nd parter. I am happy to do either...whatever helps to motivate and encourage just 1 of you to exercise, since you guys are doing an incredible job of motivating and encouraging me :). Thank you again and happy exercising! We can do this because we are stars!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15 (day 1 / week 3)

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate every single comment you guys have left for me. You all are so wonderful and it's such a blessing to see how many amazing people are out there that are so supportive! I am only just starting the 3rd week of this and have learned so much through you guys, and have total faith that with your help (and God's), I will not fail!

My intention was to get up early again and exercise like I have for the past 2 days. My son decided he didn't want to stay under his blanket last night (his room is one of the coldest rooms in our apartment) so he cried to get tucked back in although he has warm footie pj's. After the 4th time of doing this (at about 3 am) I stopped going in there to put him back under the blanket. Could be a growth spurt for why he keeps waking, maybe he was cold, but after I ignored him once, he went to sleep by himself and didn't wake until I woke him up. He usually sleeps through the night so it's not normally a problem.

This being said, I wasn't able to get myself up by 6am to exercise. I was invited to a "workout" by someone on WOWY, and there would have been (I think) close to 150 or so other people working out at the same time (6am PST) invited by this same person. I punked out.

I think I might feel better working out in the afternoon anyway.

After Costco, and after putting Logan down for a nap I did Ramp It Up (again). I feel better and stronger in the afternoon. *shrugs*. When I used to exercise a lot, back in the day, I lived for morning workouts. The earlier the better. not anymore!

It's funny, I wanted to exercise, not to exercise, but to count the number of squats, lunges, etc that I am doing, to enter into Sparkpeople (yes I joined!). I know I said "don't be obsessed over numbers," but these are different. lol. For a long time, I though that the "numbers" were screwy in "Ramp It Up!" I count EVERYTHING not necessarily like calories, but like steps, or jumping jacks or lunges... clicks or something repetitious that I hear or see (I guess I'm OCD like that). I like things symetrical and even. If you're gonna do 19 kicks with the left leg, do 19 with the right! Not 19 and 9--that's very lopsided to me and makes me want to fall over. I feel like there is just unfinished business left. It just makes sense, right? Ok I may be a little odd...eer even, no pun intended--yes it was! lol

With exercise, counting makes it easier for me. It's totally psychological. If I don't count how many lunges I am doing or know when I am going to stop, I feel like it hurts more, than when I count them lol. Maybe it's becuase I know how many I have left of whatever I'm counting and I can focus the pain better. *shrugs* Anyway, Debbie counts all funny. 20 lunges on the right leg, 17 on the left. I guess I don't blame her. She is trying to run a workout! The leg kicks that kill me at the end is all messed up and that really messes with my head. With each leg we do a "Kick and extend", a "Straight leg" (up and down) and a "bended knee" (I think of Boyz II Men everytime I hear those words lol). She does them very unevenly and it's extremely hard to describe how. This is how it looks on my paper. Hopefully you can understand what I mean:

Extend Straight Bend

Straight Leg

Bended knee

No wonder my left leg hurts more than the right!

See, that is TOTALLY psychological, cause right now I just added up the numbers combined for the right leg and then the left, and it's 1 number off. lol. oye! She's screwing with me! :)

Sorry, this is rambling. I'm gonna jump onto sparkspeople and poke around some more now.

I wish I could pass out hugs because you all really don't know how much you guys are helping me! Thank you for exercising with me and sharing your suggestions and feelings. I am right there with you guys! If I can do it, you can too!


Happy exercising and see you tomorrow!

We can do this because WE are stars!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 (day 7 / week 2)

Today marks the last day of my 2nd week of exercise. Thinking back the last couple of years as a big girl, I don't think I would have ever pictured myself doing this (exercising every single day of the year). I think that besides getting in shape, this resolution is going to teach me how to manage my time a little better and make me a stronger, determined person (both mentally and physically).

I started to do my regular thing, and even told my WOWY that I was going to do "Ramp It Up!" but when I started, my knees just kept popping and cracking, and it bothered me a little. We've gotta listen to our bodies so I decided to do a "(non)rest day," to give my knees a rest.

The current workout that I am doing, "Ramp It Up!" (phase 2) is a greater intensity and duration than the phase 1, "Start It Up!" so I decided to make phase 1, my "(non)rest day." I'm still exercising, but it's a lower intensity, like I mentioned in my first (non)rest day. It also felt better on my knees. I am always careful to make sure my knees are not going over my toes during the plies, squats and lunges. I think my knees are just having a tough time with all the movement I have been doing lately, and this big body. Don't worry little knees! It'll only get easier from here!

I ate 1/2 banana before working out this morning and felt a little better than yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion Ellie!

See you guys tomorrow! Thanks for reading and happy exercising!

I can do this. I am a star.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13 (day 6 / week 2)

Today I decided to wake up early and get the exercising out of the way. I knew yesterday that today was going to be a busy day and didn't know where to fit exercise in. I have to go find a job working at night so that we have some money to pay for our move. The only place I saw to fit exercise in was when I was sleeping lol. I told my hubby that when he left for work, I was going to wake up and exercise. He laughed. We both laughed (mine was a little more of a cry). Everyday I have a LONG luxurious sleep (except for when I'm sore) because I am a SAHM. I can do that. Logan lets me. He doesn't usually wake up until after 8 am anyway (and that's because I wake him up!). I'm a lucky gal, so I can afford to wake up a little early. I count my blessings that he sleeps in everyday, because I have friends who have to get up at 5am because that's when their kids do. ((hugs))

So I didn't get up at 5:30am, when my hubby left for work. I woke up at 7. lol. Logan was still sleeping and I was able to get my exercise in, so it's all good. I have the rest of the year to work on waking up earlier to exercise. In fact, I would prefer to exercise earlier than later.

Can you guess what I did today? That's right! "Ramp It UP!" the second phase of the Slim in 6 Series with Debbie Siebers (from beachbody). I didn't have fun today. I was tired and lazy. I think it's because I didn't take my vitamins yet and exercised first thing. I need to eat too. I read somewhere (I think in school) that it takes like 2 hours to digest, and you shouldn't eat before you exercise, because your body isn't able to give its full attention (energy) because it's distracted. I read if you do eat before you exercise, to do it 2 hours before. *shrugs* I'm not a professional so I don't know. I can't remember where I read it, but it sounds good and kind of makes sense so I didn't eat either. I think that took away from my energy too.

I hope everyone has a great day exercising today! If I can do it, so can you! Just get out there and do it! You'll be glad you did! I am :). *high fives*

Smiles and blessings, and see you guys tomorrow!

I can do this. I am a star (so are you!).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12 (day 5 / week 2)

I first want to thank everyone for the great comments and suggestions. All of your comments made me super excited to exercise today! I looked forward to it, thanks to you guys :).

Thank you Steph for the mention on your blog today. I feel like the more people that know that I am doing this, the more excited I am do actually do it! I am making the pineapple chicken for dinner and will lay it on a bed of brown rice and a side of green veggies since those are Logan's favorites (strange kid).

Today I did "Ramp It Up!" again. I know I sound like a broken record with this one, but it's a 6 week program. I found the directions (that I lost) on the internet, but they are backwards (see pic below). I just googled "simple steps to success" (the name of the directions) and found only 1 image result that fit what I was looking for. I remembered what it looked like, so that helped. A girl, that also did Slim in 6, posted her completed calendar (she used the backside) I am ignoring everything she wrote, and am focusing on the background colors lol. From what I remember (and am assuming) it has "Start It Up!" for 2 days, "Ramp It Up!" for 2 weeks and 5 days, and the last one, "Burn It Up!" for 3 full weeks. This is what I am going to do.

(pic taken from "get fit with barbie")

I made it through the yoga phase unannoyed (shirt tucked in) and am proud of myself today. I can tell that I am getting stronger. I was excited to exercise for 2 reasons. You guys and I knew it would warm me up (my toes were numb I was so cold).

Thank you again for the comments and motivation! You really don't know how much it helps me and gives me willpower!

I was SO excited to exercise today! Thank you again!

I can do this. I am a star.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 (day 4 / week 2)

Oye. Today was another hard day for me. I was just feeling lazy and didn't want to exercise.

I have a lot on my mind with moving. My hubby decided yesterday that we are probably going to move back to Vegas (if we move at all), where we grew up. We have more support there so I can go back and finish Nursing School while his dad watches our son. We wont do any better here, in Reno, than we will in Vegas, so I'm ok with it. He told me, that in order for this to happen, I will go back to work first so that we can continue to pay our bills, since it's easier for me to find a job at a hospital working as a CNA, than it is for him to find a job. He's right. After he finds a job, he said that I can quit and go back to school. Sounds like a good plan, but moving is difficult and that's why it weighs heavy on my mind. I'm still wondering how I am going to do everything (including work) and exercise at the same time. God gives us the strength to do what we need to do on a daily basis, so I have faith that it will all happen (Phil 4:13).

Anyway today I was cold. In fact, I'm getting cold again, sitting here typing this. Our bill was so HUGE this month (we really don't know what changed to make it jump almost $100) that we have the temp super cold in here. A whopping 65 degrees F. That doesn't seem cold, but IT IS! I started exercising in a sweatshirt and finally warmed up and took it off. It was bugging me as was everything today! It was so cold, my nails were purple and I'm not wearing nail polish!

I did, "Ramp It Up!" again today, and was able to do 18 push ups (10 and then 8)! Yesterday I couldn't do that many (I could do 5 lol). My goal for today was to do 6 in a row. yaay! I felt really impatient during the yoga portion, which I think defeated the whole mental benefit of yoga. She just kept talking, "bla, bla, bla open your chest up" (during the "warrior" position) and I think I even shouted out loud, "Come on!" (very impatient of me). I can't feel it in my chest...at all. I'm sure I will someday though. Think I just really wanted to be done with exercising, also. I was already annoyed because every time I do, "downward dog," my shirt falls over my head, the way you see those women on AFV who do cartwheels with dresses on--extremely annoying. Tomorrow I will Steve Urkle it, and tuck my shirt in.

"warrior" position

"downward dog" position

(these cute little drawings are from yoga-training-you.com)

I really enjoy the resistance training, and am starting to warm up to the leg kicks that I hate so much. I can feel my legs getting stronger, although you can't see it at all. Someday.

Thank you for all of your support. Your comments and emails really help me continue to do this...especially on days like today, where I don't want to exercise at all.

I promised that these blogs would get shorter, and they are not. Sorry! Maybe someday.
I have 354 days to work on it lol.

See you tomorrow! Have a great workout!

I can do this. I am a star.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10 (day 3 / week 2)

Today was a hard day for me to exercise. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon looking at apartments. That's right. We are moving. I have no idea how I am going to exercise on the actual moving days, but I will figure out a way. I have a laptop computer, so I will still be able to update this blog.

Because today was so hectic and all over the place, Logan tried to skip his nap. I spent almost 3 hours trying to get him to take a nap. I normally wouldn't care if he skips a nap, but he was tired so his royalty was showing. I finally got him down at around 3:45pm and started exercising at 4pm. I was also very self conscious because my hubby is here too--I don't like exercising in front of him, especially with a workout that I am not 100% confident in myself with.

I did "Ramp It Up!" again and it was a lot harder today, than it was yesterday. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I woke up every time I moved my arm, because my muscles are sore. I struggled through it today and wanted to quit 1/2 way into it (my socks were choking my toes!) but didn't. I stuck with it, and am happy I did. I would be so disappointed in myself if I didn't.

I still can't do all of the push ups, but can do more than 1/2 of them now, and am still having a very difficult time with those leg kicks that I complained about yesterday. My arms didn't quiver during the yoga portion so that made me smile, although I almost fell over. Note to self--Don't smile and do yoga at the same time. You'll fall over!

I took another before picture and entered my measurements into my Team Beachbody profile (I didn't submit the pic though...I used one from April/08 that I posted here). My measurements are:

Weight: 215 lbs.
Chest: 43-3/4" (with the puppies strapped down lol)
Waist: 41-1/2"
Hips: 47-3/4"

On Feb 1 (30 days from when I started) I will take another picture and re-enter my measurements. At the end of the year, I will post all 12 pictures, so you can see my progress, unless otherwise suggested. I guess I could be embarrassed that I am telling everyone my measurements, but I don't plan to stay this way. Maybe telling the world how big I am, will give someone else confidence they need, to do whatever they need to do, to accomplish a weight goal.

I can do this. I am a star. (so are you!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9 (day 2 / week 2)

Today Logan isn't feeling well :(. The upside to this is that he wanted to take his nap, sooner than later :). That meant that I got to exercise earlier in the day :). Yaay!

Not to go all "IM" on you guys, but OMG! Yesterday I promised that I was going to do Phase 2 in the Slim in 6 series called, "Ramp It Up!" (RIU) and I did! It was 48 minutes long and kicked my butt! I am all sweaty now and am afraid to think of how I am going to feel tomorrow (soreness). Right around the last 20 minutes was the hardest for me. Debbie has us get on our hands (well elbows) and knees, and do various leg kicks, then push ups, then do the other leg--so hard! I will be very proud of myself when I can do the whole thing without stopping or laying on the floor in defeat (should have taken a picture of that lol).

There is like 4 sections to RIU. The first section is like Start It Up with plies and such, but faster. The 2nd part is with the resistance band (that came with the series). I really enjoy this part. I used to have muscles and loved working them! The 3rd part is the floor exercises from hell--pushups and the leg kicks...ouch!. The 4th and last part is stretching and yoga, which lasts for 5 minutes. I felt my arms quivering in the "exalted warrior" position.

(exalted warrior position)

Thanks for reading and thank you for the encouragement that I have been getting from you guys! You really help me do this, more than you know!

If there is anything else that you guys want me to include in the blog, please don't hesitate to ask!

Happy exercising and see you tomorrow!

We can do this because WE are stars!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 (day 1 / week 2)

This blog is dedicated to all of the busy people out there that say they don't have time to exercise.

Today I didn't have time to exercise, but, haha, surprise! I did anyway.


It was non-stop from the moment I woke up this morning. I went to Costco for a mondo shopping trip, came home, put Logan down for a nap, re-organized the freezer (so the stuff I just bought would fit), unloaded the car (4 trips--apartment parking SUCKS), put groceries away, shoved dinner in the crockpot--the stuff I could not fit back in the freezer lol (not the healthiest, I know--I'll work on that later) and THEN after I did that, I exercised and now here I am. I'd have say, if I didn't have this resolution, I would NOT have exercised today, that's for sure lol. I feel like with the trip to Costco alone, I had exercised lol.

I am somewhat bored with, "Start It Up!" (SIU) I have been doing it everyday for 4 days (waah, right?). I know it like the back of my hand, and I don't struggle through it. I could probably do Phase 2...in fact, I think I will tomorrow! No excuses! So because I am bored with SIU I decided that I am going to have my version of a rest day, which isn't a rest day all, but a day of low intensity.

It was 2 somewhat short workouts--not even workouts. One was a workout, one was stretching. I did Slim & Limber (15 minutes) which is stretching and felt GREAT, and Slim & 6pack, which is 8 minutes of abs, according to WOWY (on team beachbody) and the back of the DVD box, but it's actually 11 minutes long. Hey! Those 3 minutes matter! ;).

Well, I guess I DID exercise, technically. I noticed during the Slim & 6pack, that I was starting to sweat and my heart rate was elevated--so that by definition, is exercise, right? I can't do that workout as easily as I can do SIU, so I look forward to doing it again. My abs are kicking right now too, so I guess that makes me feel better.

In the words of Debbie Siebers, "See you tomorrow!" lol

Smiles and blessing!

I can do this. I am a star :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7

Yaay! 7 days straight of exercise! I think my cold is almost gone too. I just can't stop coughing. It's annoying, especially when I'm trying to exercise. Stupid cough :).

This morning I woke up and felt great! I woke up an hour earlier than I have been, although I didn't fall asleep until almost 2am last night (just couldn't sleep). The best part is that I did not feel sore AT ALL!

I think my problem before (regarding consistency with exercise), was my rest days. They are evil. It's so hard to start exercising again, when you have had a break, especially if it's not a routine. I would take a rest day, when I felt the worst, usually day 4 or so and that rest day would turn into 2 days and then, "eeh, whatever." What a wimp! I kept exercising now, because of the new years resolution, and now I don't feel sore anymore! I wish, that all of the other times that I exercised, I would have just worked through it instead of punking out. Stupid rest days. I guess this is kind of like in HS, playing volleyball. Our coach would kick our butt everyday in practice, and we had to work through it. There weren't really any rest days. I remember hurting so badly, but then getting past that. That's where I am now and I'm so happy because it's getting easier. I shouldn't get so cocky though, because I am only 1 week in and I'm sure my body is getting used to this same workout everyday. We'll see how things are in a few months or even when I make it to phase 2.

Today I did, "Step it Up!" the first phase in the Slim in 6 series with Debbie Siebers.

I wish that I looked how I felt, cause I feel fantastic!

See you tomorrow! Happy exercising!

I can do this because I am a star (so are you!)!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6

The only thing I don't like about exercising everyday is that now that I have a son, I can't consistently exercise at the same time. Ideally I'd like to exercise in the morning. I'm just too tired though (maybe later on I'll start), so I wait for Logan's nap. Today he took a really late nap, so I wasn't able to exercise until almost 2 hours later than I have been each day this week. I almost punked out, but I can't do that. That would be so lame only 6 days into it lol.

Today I did "Start It Up!" again. I feel like I am doing my lunges and squats a little lower, and I noticed at the end of the work out, that I am able to stretch farther than I could a week ago. My legs are a little sore, but not as sore as they were a few days ago and even that wasn't bad. After a good stretch, I don't feel it much.

I feel like my posture is better, but that could be totally psychological lol. I feel like I am sleeping better at night also, like I am not as uncomfortable.

I bought the Slim in 6 series a long time ago--I want to say maybe 7 or 8 years ago (maybe longer). I lost the directions, or whatever came with it, that told me when to go to the next phase. I hope I know when to do it. There are 3 phases, or that's what I have, so maybe I will do each phase for 2 weeks, since it is a 6 weeks series. After this, I will do The Biggest Loser Workout for 6 weeks.

I can do this. I am a star :).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5

Today, before I started exercising, I stretched, mainly focusing on my legs, for about 10 minutes. I can really feel that I have been working them. They are sore, but not painful (there is a big difference). I did about 3 sets of static stretches that lasted about 20-30 seconds each. After stretching them, they weren't as sore, and I knew I would be fine and happy to do more squats and lundges.

Well, I did "Start It Up!" in the Slim in 6 series, with Debbie Siebers again. What can I say? I felt obligated to because she said (and I heard her say), "See you tomorrow!" I will probably do it again tomorrow, for the same reason. lol.

I noticed that my heart rate went up more than it did yesterday. I could feel my heart pumping and I actually perspired. I felt like I was breathing/working harder, and it felt great! I'm glad :). It's a great feeling, that I used to really look forward to.

Yesterday I joined Team Beachbody. I'm not exactly how I stumbled upon the site, but I can log my exercises each day with them, and even exercise along with others using WOWY (Work Out With You). I remember now! On Facebook I became a fan of "Slim in 6" and the moderator, Mary Todd, included this link as a website, in the contact info:


I clicked on it, signed up (it was free) and there ya go! They also have a paid membership, where you have access to more features and other stuff.

Be back tomorrow! It's almost been a full week of exercising everyday! Yaay!

I can do this, because I am a star!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4

It's starting to get easier to exercise each day. I usually feel this way until my rest days come, and that's when all of my hard work goes down the drain. I'm glad I opted for no rest days, therefore I don't have to worry about getting lazy.

Today I did one of my favorite workout videos. Debbie Sieber's Slim in 6 "Start It Up!" I love Debbie Siebers--she's beautimus and seems so nice! It was 25 minutes long and I did less than 10 minutes of stretching afterward (6 to be exact). I feel good. My lungs feel clear (well clear for still being a little sick) and I feel good. The best part was that there were NO JUMPING JACKS! Yaay! My legs are sore from the lunges and squats, but I can feel them. Do you know how great it feels to feel your muscles? I know this video like the back of my hand, so I was able to focus more on specific muscle movements, instead of learning the moves, so I think I feel it more.

Whenever I do this video, I always come back to it the next day because at the end of the workout, Debbie says, "See you tomorrow!" I feel obligated to come back. She's waiting! J/K, but it's a good thing though, especially if it will get me to come back :). My husband (who patiently played computer solitaire while I exercised) said, "I know why you did this video now," as soon as he heard her say it. We both laughed because he knows. He knows.

I am excited because I am doing this. 4 days! Woo hoo! (I know...big whoop, but it's a start!) I hope I am this excited in 44 days lol.

I can do this. I am a star.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3

Today I still feel a little sick, but I'm getting better. I felt cold before I started exercising, so I didn't really feel like doing anything (boo hoo) and my hubby told me I was procrastinating again. lol.

I didn't follow along with an exercise video, like I did yesterday, but I guess I did a sort of circuit training. I used some of our pillar candles, which maybe weigh 2.5-3lbs each and worked on my biceps, triceps, deltoids (I tried to get all 3 heads) and pectorals in 1 minute intervals to increase my blood flow. It was nice to feel warmer.

After that I did some more floor exercises, focusing on my abs--the upper part and lower part with various leg movements keeping my head and shoulders elevated. I remember this being much easier, but I guess I was carrying a lot less weight, so of course it would be easier! I remember when I used to work out a lot, I would focus on the muscles I was trying to work, and a lot of what I did was controlling movement. I tried to do that again today, and I can already feel it. I really just stretched out my legs. They are sore and tight. I need to work on loosening them up. I used to really like squats and lunges, but now I dread them. I'm a heavy girl.

Afterward, I stretched for a while. I used to stretch a lot, before and after exercising, so I am going to do this again. It felt good and helped me to find my muscles and their movement.

I'm glad I'm doing this. I am excited for this blog, even if no one but me read it, and that I know I will continue on with this. I know I can do this (although it's only day 3 lol).

I am a star.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2

5 min warm up
25 min cardio (moderate intensity)
10 min stretch/cool down
(The Biggest Loser Workout)

I promise every post wont be this long. I just need to work out a system or a format. Systems rock.

So, I put my son down for nap, strapped the puppies down and got ready to exercise. I put my hair in a pony tail, clipped my bangs back and thought, "Uh oh! I didn't make dinner for tonight!" Procrastination is a big hairy beast.

I pulled the chicken out of the fridge to make a crockpot rotisserie-style chicken (I love Stephanie's blog btw, she inspired me to make a new years resolution). I ripped off it's skin, shoved an onion and cracked garlic inside, gave it a spice rub, and tossed it in the crockpot. Ta-da! Dinner is ready! That should be enough exercise for one day, right? I read somewhere that housework can be considered a form of exercise. Ripping skin off of a chicken isn't as easy as it sounds. J/K. It is. With a knife :).

So I'm not sure what else to say, other than I did it. I exercised today. It was as hard as pulling out the The Biggest Loser Workout DVD (#1 in the 6wk workout plan) and popping it into the DVD player. Once it starts, I have to do it. Bob Harper is pychic. He knows what we are thinking, and when we are going to sit down. He's good. I hate him for making me do jumping jacks. He has a pretty face though so he is excused.

I can feel that my muscles have been worked, and my lungs feel clear. I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow. I plan to switch between cardio and strength training everyday. I have Weight-a-Bands and 5 lb hand weights. I will use whatever I have around the house to exercise with, and no equipment other than the DVD player and TV.

When my "training" becomes more advanced or when I feel that I am reaching a plateau, I'll start a log book and will start monitoring my HR with a Polar A3 Heart Rate Monitor (now discontinued, but any kind will work), my RPE's to get a sense of my intensity level. I have an idea of what I weigh, but I am not going to weigh myself, because I don't want that to be a determination of what kind of day I will have--I have been known to change intensities, if I know I am losing weight. My clothes will tell me if I am losing inches. I need to lose close to 100 lbs to get down to a "healthy" weight for my height, but we'll see. I will weigh myself once a month to keep track of weight loss goals, but that's it. If I lose only 10 lbs by day 365, then I am a happy camper--better than gaining, right? More would be better :)

I did it! Day 2 finished!...day 2 of 365... help!

I can do this. I am a star.

Day 1

Yesterday was Jan 1. I decided that if I am going to do this, I have to DO THIS. Everyday.

I am sick. *cough* *sneeze* *cough* *hack*. It's been almost a week, but I am getting better.

Last night (Day 1) while I was in bed, trying to sleep, I kicked myself because I didn't exercise. How can I exercise 365 days of the year, if I skip the 1st day, even though I feel I have a reasonable excuse?

I got out of bed at 10:20pm and did some floor exercises to get my blood moving. Crunches, oblique crunches and some pilates stretches, for almost 10 minutes straight. I was cold (at first) cranky, and just not into it...but I did it.

It's not a lot. It probably wont do much (physically) but it did a lot (and will continue to) mentally. *sneeze*

I pulled the willpower out of the box, tissue in hand. Wow, it's really dusty, but it's in good shape.

I promised myself that I would do some sort of exercise everyday, and I stuck with it. It's so easy to roll over and say, "tomorrow." I have said and done that too many times, so to that I say, now!


I can do this. I am a star.

I am a star

This first blog is an introduction to my mind, and how it came to the decision to do this. The star in the upper left hand corner reminds me that I am a star. I can do this.

I have to start now.

Yesterday, sitting on my butt, once again, I decided that now is the perfect time to dust off my willpower and use it again. I still have it. It's packed neatly in the little box in the corner of my room where I can always see it. I know it's there, I know I have it and can use it whenever I want--I just don't use it. That's sad.

I know people must look at me and judge. People must look at me and think, "She loves food and that is why she is fat," or something along those lines. I used to be one of those people. I still am in some ways. I wasn't always this way, and I didn't become fat because of poor food choices or over indulgences. This is not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional dessert--everything in moderation. Energy in, energy out.

Medicine can do a lot of things to our bodies. It can helps us and change us. It changed me. Someday I will come back to address this, but right now it's not important. It's in the past. Because my weight gain happened in a short amount of time, my self image is askewed. I still think that I am thin and fit. It's been a few years and I still think of myself as being thin. I am still somewhat shocked everytime I do laundry and fold my undies. It's funny how our mind plays tricks on us. I know and can feel that my metabolism has normalized, so I know I can do this without anything working against me now. Keeping this blog will help me to keep myself in check and to keep my willpower from collecting dust.

There are a lot of obvious reasons to lose weight, but I really want to have another baby someday, but not while I am obese. I don't want to be mistaken for a "rollie pollie" again. That hurt. I want to have another baby when I am in my early 30's and healthier than I am now. I want people to know that I am pregnant, and not guess. I may not look "obese," but I am according to the numbers. Don't obsess over numbers. I know it's easier said than done.

Everyday in 2009 I am going to exercise somehow, shape or form. I have experience with exercise physiology and used to train extensively so I know what it will take to get me to that place again. I used to be really fit and knew what I was doing when it came to cardiovascular exercise and strength training. I kept detailed logs, which I still have detailing every exercise, RPE (ratings of perceived exertion), intensity, duration, repition and set that I did. I even logged my cardiovascular training. I used to be in the 98th percentile of VO2 uptake in my age group. I mention this, because reading this for myself, I can see that I can do this. I am not going to set a time limit, but I am going to do something consciously and active everyday. I can do this.

There are a lot of technicalities that I am going to skip as I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I know what I know and I can do this. I appreciate any and all prayers and encouragements you may have.

I can do this, I am a star.