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Monday, June 28, 2010

Once Upon A Time (with tiny muscles)

Man, I'm sore. Have I mentioned lately how much I have missed Gym and heart him? I'm sore, and my hubby is probably tired of hearing about it, but I love it! I also started bringing my notebook with me too, so that I could track everything again. Gym kicked my butt and I can't wait for it to happen again! I look forward to it :).

A long time ago I had learned that when you strength train, you should work antagonistic muscles, if you are training often, so that you don't cause too much drama too your muscles. So because I do everything people tell me to (j/k), that means I work chest/tricep one day, back/bicep one day, then legs, then shoulders, and then abs (I'm sure I don't need to do all of those separate days, but I used to go to the gym literally everyday, so that's how I did it back then). I try to give 72 hours in between each muscle group worked, so that I don't hurt myself. It all makes sense in my brain (doesn't say much lol) so I started doing it again, now, just as I did it once upon a time when I used to practically live with Gym. It worked for me then, so here's to hoping it will work again.

once upon a time, I used to be thin with tiny muscles :)

This last Saturday, was Chest/Tricep day. My favorite. I worked so hard, my arms are still sore. I made the mistake of training triceps first, so I wasn't able to get a great chest workout. My triceps were just way too fatigued. I learned my lesson, and switched things up on Sunday, during Back/Bicep day.

Saturday: 1hr 40 mins @ the gym

Start-Precor Elliptical 16 mins, resistance 1, cross ramp 10

- Machine Inclined Chest Press, 3 sets/15 reps, 30lbs (rpe 4-5)
- Chest Press (machine), 3 sets/15 reps, 35lbs (rpe 4-5)
- Tricep Overhead Extension (machine), 3/15, 20lbs (rpe 4-5)
- Seated Peck Deck (machine), 3/10, 20lbs, (rpe 6-7)
- Tricep Pull Down (Free Motion Machine) Supine grip, 3/15, 10lbs (rpe 4)
- Tricep Pull Down (Free Motion Machine) Prone grip, 3/15, 10lbs (rpe 4-5)
- Tricep Pull Down--with bar (machine), 3/10, 20lbs (rpe 4-5/5-6 in the end)

End- 16 mins, Stair Mill, level 5.

calories burned according to HRM: 457

Sunday: Back/Bicep day, 1 hour

Start- Precor Elliptical 5 mins (ear phones kept falling out--got annoyed and stopped)

- Lat Pull Down (narrow grip), 3/15, 60lbs (RPE 5)
- Lat Pull Down (wide grip), 3/15, 60lbs (RPE 4-5)
- Deltoid Row (lower grip focusing on back), 3/12, 40lbs (rpe 4)
- Bicep Curl (machine), 3/10, 20lbs (rpe 5)
- Erector Spinae machine 3/15-12 (kind of pyramid training w/ weights) 50-80lbs (rpe 3, 3-4, 4-5)
- Arm Curl (overhead/machine) 3/10, 25lbs (rpe 5)
- Seated Bicep Curl (free weights) 10lbs (wrists really hurt doing these):
  • hammer curls, 10reps, rpe 4-5
  • alt supine, 20 reps, rpe 5
  • hammer curls 10 reps, rpe 5 (b/c of wrist)
- Bicep Curl, 25lb bar, 3/10, (rpe 4-5)

Calories burned according to HRM: 214
I didn't do a lot of cardio on Sunday, but whatever. I don't care. At least I'm getting to the gym. I figure if I put too many rules on it, that might be a bad thing, at least this early into my new fitness goals/journey. It is all probably more info than anyone would ever want to know, but that's what I did, and how my brain sees the gym, and maybe it will benefit someone one day. These numbers help me to determine what to do each time, and I guess it keeps the gym interesting when there is such great potential for it to not be interesting.

I would love to fit into the pants that I wore once upon a time (yes, I still have them), so I don't care how crazy I look/sound. lol.

Have I mentioned that the Monkey Boy loves gym too? When I don't feel like going, he urges me and says (in his little 3 year old voice), "You exercise at gym today? Let's go to my gym now." How awesome is my 3 year old support system? He doesn't even know how awesome he is for his mama ((heart swell)) (is that a God thing, or what?).

I work the next few days, but plan to hit the gym after work. We will see how that goes though. lol.

Hope y'all had a good weekend and have a great week!

If I can do this (being a fat girl) anyone can do this!

I can do this. I am a star!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I heart Gym.

I can't believe how fast time has gone by. It's scary how fast it goes by if you don't wrangle it and take advantage.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about blogging, but there just never seems to be a good time. My baby is getting big! I feel bad sitting here typing on the computer when he gives me his puppy dog eyes, and wants me to play with him instead. There are so many reasons why I haven't blogged, but they are all personal, and don't really matter to anyone but me.

I don't know what happened to doing the measurements, and posting them, but it obviously fell through. I have been exercising though, just not everyday.

My amazing hubby surprised me and bought me 2 year gym membership to 24 hour fitness, from Costco, and I love it. I have only been a few times, as it is a new thing, but I am so happy. I was burned out from exercising at home, and my son was miserable with me exercising there. It's just too hot to get out in the middle of the day to walk now, so I am grateful for this membership.

While at the gym today (leg day), I was surprised with how strong I am, with only exercising at home for the last couple of years or so. It made me realize that I was absolutely right in thinking that exercising at home, can be just as effective as going to the gym. It was my first "leg day" at the gym, and I was just tickled pink the entire time.

I was there for only 64 minutes, because the monkey boy had a doctors appointment afterward. I wore my HRM and according to it, burned 374 calories, doing:

-roughly 25-30 mins on Precor elliptical (hr 150s)
-3 sets, 8 reps, seated leg extension using 35lbs. (rpe 6-8)
-4 sets, 15 reps, seated leg curls using 40lbs (rpe 4-5)
-3 sets, 15 reps, leg press using 50#, 60# and 70# (rpe, 3-4, 4, 5-6)
-3 sets, 15 reps, seated leg abduction using 40# (rpe 4-5)
-3 sets, 15 reps, seated leg adduction using 50# (rpe 3-4)
-3 sets, 15 reps, seated calf press, 40lbs (rpe 3-4)

I haven't been using an exercise diary, like I used to, and I should start, because this (the aboe) is how my brain functions. RPE means ratings of perceived exertion (like a pain scale in the medical world), and it's what I use (and a lot of others) to know if I need to up my weights, sets and/or reps. I will probably up everything the next time (except for the leg extensions) I do legs, and I felt like I could be pushed a little more.

Man. I LOVE the gym. I missed it so much and am happy to be back there again. My plan is to go after work, since it is just across the street, and since I get off earlier at 6:30pm now.

Last week for Father's Day, we went hiking up at Mt. Charleston. It was a lot of fun, and I got a great workout. It was the first time that the Monkey Boy had been hiking, so it was challenging in some areas, but it was fun overall, and glad he got to go.

I haven't measured myself lately, but this morning when I stood on the scale, I weighed 205.2, which is a 4lb weight loss, since I last recorded on sparkpeople, in the beginning of this month. Yaay!

I'm sorry I haven't posted, I just have a lot on my plate (been working a lot and very recently found out that son needs surgery :( but I'm getting a second opinion). I have also been sick too. I will try to post more often, as maybe I could make this my virtual gym diary *shrugs*.

Hope everyone is well! I haven't forgotten about y'all or this blog! Just been shifting priorities around :).


I can do this. I am a star.