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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21 (day 7 / week 3)

Yesterday Logan's Ped told me that I needed to put him on a "preschool" schedule (whatever that means) so that when he starts school, it wont be such a struggle to do it then. She didn't tell me when to get him up, but I'm assuming it's earlier (I just don't know how much earlier). She said I need to start getting him to bed by 8-8:30pm at the latest. I usually try to put him down at 9, but he really doesn't fall asleep until 10-10:30pm. This being said, I got early to exercise again today. I spent too much time doing other times and let the time go by. Seeing that I had to get him up early today, to start this new sleep routine, I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to do "Ramp It Up!"

I decided to do a (non)rest day today (phase 1, "Start It Up!"), because of this, and I wish I didn't. I'm not tired or sore, I was just short on time, and wanted to get a quick(er) workout in. I think this contradicts what I said yesterday about "making it count." Making it count, means more to me now, now that I understand why things are done the way they are on Slim in 6. I think this afternoon I'll do "Ramp It Up!" during Logan's nap, because of this. I really hope I'm not cold and tired again. I don't want another power struggle with my willpower lol.

Yesterday I was logging my exercise into SparkPeople, and asked myself, "I know this is aerobics, but it's also sort of like circuit training, so what kind of exercise is Slim in 6, exactly?" It turns out it's called, "Slim training." I knew this from years ago (from the infomercial) but just forgot. This is what I found yesterday to jog my memory:

Slim Training®
If you've ever seen a marathon, you've probably noticed one thing all the elite runners have in common—they're very thin. Too thin, perhaps, for some tastes, but, regardless, the process of running marathons all the time tends to make people very thin. The reason is that they do so much repetition that it limits the muscle's capacity for growth as well as using the body's stored fat for energy.

Repetitive movementsUtilizing a similar concept, we expanded on Sectional Progression by adding a repetitive element. By working the same body parts with less rest in between similar workouts, the body is forced into a different type of adaptation. Like a marathoner's body shows, repetition limits the amount of muscle growth that can occur. Wanting our clients to achieve a more well-rounded appearance than that of a marathoner, we reduced their massive number of repetitions and used a full-body circuit. This is done daily to limit the amount of resistance (weight) that can be used while working the entire body for a lean, slim look.

While very effective, this style of training can't be done all of the time. For this reason we made Slim in 6® a six-week program and recommend a recovery cycle in between rounds. A recovery cycle is a period of time when you reduce the intensity of your workouts—generally the weight and speed—to allow your body to recover, get strong, and become ready for another round of high-intensity training.

Reading this made a light bulb pop over my head. Now I know why we are doing exactly what we are doing. Somehow this will make it easier for me--there's a method to this madness!

Now, I'm really excited to move onto the next phase on Sat!

Sorry for the long post again.

Hope everyone has a good day and a good workout!

I can do this. I am a star.


ღ Destiny ღ said...

Hmmmmm......I'm trying to figure out what the explanation of the Slim in 6 means. Repitition, it means repeating something....so if I did my yoga and pilates all the time, but rotate them, is that the same thing that they mean? How intense is the Slim in 6? Your doing a great job keeping up the exersising! For a preschool schedule, I think the Dr means a set schedule. When Sierra went to day care, I got her htere at 7:00am, they did the same activities and had lunch the same time every day, and they napped from 12:00pm to 3:00pm, or at least layed there and rested. If you can find out about whay time he will start school (Sierra doesn't start until 8:50am) then you could have him up when you would have to get him up and to school on time, and nap at a time when he was out. It is a good idea to start now, I didn't with Sierra and we are still struggling to adjust our naps and feedings with her school. Good Luck!

Erin said...

Melissa, you are helping to keep me honest...worked out again today, 24 minutes on the bike and my Core Secrets, Give me 20, so I did 44 minutes today (the video uses weight training, so it is well rounded)...Good job! Preschool schedule can be whatever you need it to be. Our oldest was an only until he was 5, so he went to bed later and got up later than lots of kids...given our works schedules, that worked best for him (and for us)...think about what will work best for YOUR family and trust your instincts. No one knows your son better than you!

Astrid said...

I think that Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred works with the same concept.
(I'm on Day 7, Level 1)

Melissa Henning said...

thanks for your comments guys :)

That would not be the same thing as Slim Training, Des. Someday I'll have you come over and you can watch the video with me, so you can get a better understanding. Yoga and Pilates are low intensity compared to slim in 6, and they aren't geared at elevating your heart rate and keeping it there (pilates might, but not on the same level). It's hard to explain the difference. Show is easier :).

What the ped said made sense, but the more that I think about it, the more I am annoyed with what she said (she said other things that I didn't post). Our Ped is a beastly lady--I miss our original ped in vancouver, wa soooo much!--and we get it at it, almost every time I see her cause she treats everyone like a baby (I heard some lady yelling at her in the hallway!). I'm just going to ignore her and wait till I find a preschool, like Erin says. Thank you Erin! We will have a different Ped by the time he has to go again, since we are moving to Vegas. Logan is on a schedule and there has been many times where we needed him up at 6am after going to sleep at his regular bed time, and he is fine. He's really easy so I'm not gonna let it affect what I do. She said "It's not about what is convenient for you and your family's schedule, it's about him" stupid lady (what is that supposed to mean??). I'm getting mad just thinking about her! I honestly don't know why this woman is still in business but we are stuck with her for now because of Nevada Checkup.

Astrid, I want to do the 30 day shred sometime this year because it sounds a lot like slim in 6 and I really like Jillian Michaels. Is it super hard? I would think anything she does is gonna be hard lol.

ღ Destiny ღ said...

Hmm, my post didn't publish. Lets try again......I have the same Dr you have, for my kids. I know exactly what you mean by her, she was the only one with spots open so we had to take her, (now I know why she was the only one with spots open!)
I'd like to watch the video, maybe I can get one too. At least in the future when my back is stronger, I might like it. I need to get the stuff from you too. Thanks for holding onto it for me. Have a good evening.

Astrid said...

The Shred is pretty hard. I'm pretty fit, and the first day kicked my ass. I've had to modify some things a little, and have been doing my cardio on my rebounder, to lessen stress on my knees. It is intense. I did Day 8 of level 1 today. Two more days, and I move on to level 2. Looking forward to it. I am already feeling a difference in my body, though. I feel tighter. It's awesome.
Thanks for being an inspiration!