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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 (day 7 / week 2)

Today marks the last day of my 2nd week of exercise. Thinking back the last couple of years as a big girl, I don't think I would have ever pictured myself doing this (exercising every single day of the year). I think that besides getting in shape, this resolution is going to teach me how to manage my time a little better and make me a stronger, determined person (both mentally and physically).

I started to do my regular thing, and even told my WOWY that I was going to do "Ramp It Up!" but when I started, my knees just kept popping and cracking, and it bothered me a little. We've gotta listen to our bodies so I decided to do a "(non)rest day," to give my knees a rest.

The current workout that I am doing, "Ramp It Up!" (phase 2) is a greater intensity and duration than the phase 1, "Start It Up!" so I decided to make phase 1, my "(non)rest day." I'm still exercising, but it's a lower intensity, like I mentioned in my first (non)rest day. It also felt better on my knees. I am always careful to make sure my knees are not going over my toes during the plies, squats and lunges. I think my knees are just having a tough time with all the movement I have been doing lately, and this big body. Don't worry little knees! It'll only get easier from here!

I ate 1/2 banana before working out this morning and felt a little better than yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion Ellie!

See you guys tomorrow! Thanks for reading and happy exercising!

I can do this. I am a star.


Lisa said...

Hey, Melissa!

Have you considered using neoprene knee braces when you work out, or just when they hurt? I've had problems with my knees from the time I was a teenager, which didn't improve when I finally bought myself a treadmill. I bought mine at Walmart for about $12 each and after using them for a few of weeks of treadmill walking, I rarely have a problem with my knee caps moving around, after living with the problem for almost 30 years!

The website I was going to suggest has been suggested: SparkPeople.com! I stumbled across it while I was looking for a calorie counter and was blown away with all the tools and forums they had available! I'm currently recovering from surgery so my exercise log is a bit blank but if you decide to register, look me up... I'm zenharmony there.

Keep up the great work, sounds like you are well on your way to making exercise a great new daily habit! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing so well! I am joining you on this, I am up to day 3......and you are a star!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today, thanks to the Crockpot Lady. I'm already hooked and looking forward to following your progress. The stretching sounds great. I think I'll try to incorporate 15 min or so each day.

ღ Destiny ღ said...

Hey Melissa! So yesterday I had problems with my knees!! Everytime I bent down or stood up they really hurt, so I didn't yoga yesterday:( I was running around all over town doing other things, and when I came back, the hubby had a video game on the tv so I oculdn't do it anyways. But I think it was for the better of my knees. They are a little sore today, so I did my yoga and didn't have a problem. Since I started exersizing with you, I've lost 3lbs! I am not anxious to get back on the scale for a while. If I do, and don't see another 3lb lost, I'll think I'm not doing good enough. No scale for me for a while!! For the record, with the 3lb lost I am now 169lbs. (Lets see what it is in a year!) Happy Exersizing!

Grandma Sandy said...

Just caught your blog and thought I'd mention motivation. I'm 210 lbs. and 5' 4", and my motivation is to get fit so I can run around with my 2 granddaughters. Their faces are what get me up in the morning (5:20) to walk the dog for a half an hour. Maybe your son could be your motivation - to be able to enjoy him fully!

Erin said...

Hey, Melissa, Sharing your journey is so inspiring. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog in my post here: http://nagle5.blogspot.com/2009/01/meet-gym.html

You are truly inspiring me!


Susieqtpie said...

Just found your blog today! I am exercising but not every day. I commend will! It has inspired me to do something at home on the day I can't get to the Gym. I have you on my blog so I can check every day! I just started this blog http://makewayforjoy.blogspot.com/ to help me with my struggles and I'm hoping others will post too. If not It will help me voice my struggles and what i'm doing to get past them! Thanks for your inspiriation.

Melissa Henning said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Lisa. I'll go out and get a pair this weekend. Giving them a little rest, did wonders. I also signed up to sparkspeople! thank you!

salisburymob, thank you for joining me! It's an awesome feeling to know that I am not alone. You are a star also! We can do this!

anon, thanks for reading! The stretching IS great. You'll feel so great in so many other areas if you start doing it daily :).

Congrats on those 3 lbs Destiny! I feel the same way, which is why I am only weighing myself once a month :).

gma sandy, thank you for the motivation! Sounds like your grandkids have an awesome grandma!

Thank you for the mention in your blog Erin. The whole Gym/Jim thing went over my head the first time lol (I can be dense sometimes) but realized it when I read your blog lol (duh). Thanks for sharing!

susieqt thanks for reading! I will bookmark your blog and do what I can to help you with your struggles, as you are helping me with mine. Thank you so much!