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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15 (day 1 / week 3)

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate every single comment you guys have left for me. You all are so wonderful and it's such a blessing to see how many amazing people are out there that are so supportive! I am only just starting the 3rd week of this and have learned so much through you guys, and have total faith that with your help (and God's), I will not fail!

My intention was to get up early again and exercise like I have for the past 2 days. My son decided he didn't want to stay under his blanket last night (his room is one of the coldest rooms in our apartment) so he cried to get tucked back in although he has warm footie pj's. After the 4th time of doing this (at about 3 am) I stopped going in there to put him back under the blanket. Could be a growth spurt for why he keeps waking, maybe he was cold, but after I ignored him once, he went to sleep by himself and didn't wake until I woke him up. He usually sleeps through the night so it's not normally a problem.

This being said, I wasn't able to get myself up by 6am to exercise. I was invited to a "workout" by someone on WOWY, and there would have been (I think) close to 150 or so other people working out at the same time (6am PST) invited by this same person. I punked out.

I think I might feel better working out in the afternoon anyway.

After Costco, and after putting Logan down for a nap I did Ramp It Up (again). I feel better and stronger in the afternoon. *shrugs*. When I used to exercise a lot, back in the day, I lived for morning workouts. The earlier the better. not anymore!

It's funny, I wanted to exercise, not to exercise, but to count the number of squats, lunges, etc that I am doing, to enter into Sparkpeople (yes I joined!). I know I said "don't be obsessed over numbers," but these are different. lol. For a long time, I though that the "numbers" were screwy in "Ramp It Up!" I count EVERYTHING not necessarily like calories, but like steps, or jumping jacks or lunges... clicks or something repetitious that I hear or see (I guess I'm OCD like that). I like things symetrical and even. If you're gonna do 19 kicks with the left leg, do 19 with the right! Not 19 and 9--that's very lopsided to me and makes me want to fall over. I feel like there is just unfinished business left. It just makes sense, right? Ok I may be a little odd...eer even, no pun intended--yes it was! lol

With exercise, counting makes it easier for me. It's totally psychological. If I don't count how many lunges I am doing or know when I am going to stop, I feel like it hurts more, than when I count them lol. Maybe it's becuase I know how many I have left of whatever I'm counting and I can focus the pain better. *shrugs* Anyway, Debbie counts all funny. 20 lunges on the right leg, 17 on the left. I guess I don't blame her. She is trying to run a workout! The leg kicks that kill me at the end is all messed up and that really messes with my head. With each leg we do a "Kick and extend", a "Straight leg" (up and down) and a "bended knee" (I think of Boyz II Men everytime I hear those words lol). She does them very unevenly and it's extremely hard to describe how. This is how it looks on my paper. Hopefully you can understand what I mean:

Extend Straight Bend

Straight Leg

Bended knee

No wonder my left leg hurts more than the right!

See, that is TOTALLY psychological, cause right now I just added up the numbers combined for the right leg and then the left, and it's 1 number off. lol. oye! She's screwing with me! :)

Sorry, this is rambling. I'm gonna jump onto sparkspeople and poke around some more now.

I wish I could pass out hugs because you all really don't know how much you guys are helping me! Thank you for exercising with me and sharing your suggestions and feelings. I am right there with you guys! If I can do it, you can too!


Happy exercising and see you tomorrow!

We can do this because WE are stars!


Bama Cheryl said...

Keep going, Melissa! You are inspiring me to get moving consistently. It's totally worth it. Go for it! Thanks for the boost.

Jenny said...

Thank you for doing this Melissa! I, too have just resolved to work out and lose the weight this year. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old so I am trying to lose the baby weight from both of them. I also just joined Sparkpeople and love the tracking tools that they have. I look forward to reading your daily entries. Keep it up! You can do it.

Ellie said...

I was all set to slack off today because I've been feeling a little sick lately, but then I thought of you and I was like "yeah! Melissa's gonna work out today! I should too!" In case you needed to know that you were inspiring to the rest of us :).

ღ Destiny ღ said...

Hey there...poor little Logan! I hope he isn't in any kind of pain, like an ear ache or anything. I couldn't sleep until after 2:00am last night. But despite how tired I am today, I did my yoga, and I am feeling a lot stronger today! I am glad to keep up with it. Good Job!

Melissa Henning said...

Yaay Cheryl! Thank you for the boost also :). You'll be so happy when you look back and see that you were active. I regret a lot of the time that I could have exercised, but didn't or quit.

Thank you Jenny! I don't have 2 little ones, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you to find the time. The weight will come off in time, just don't give up! :)

I hope you feel better Ellie! I know how hard it is to exercise and be sick--I was sick the first few days of doing this and still have a cough. Hearing things like this, gets me pumped! thank you!

He doesn't have an ear infection--thanks for the heads up though, I would feel horrible if he was sick and I was ignoring him. He was just being a pain in the buttooski in his own little way. It's like when they drop the toy, and cry for us to pick it up, and drop it again and want us to pick it up. He was doing that with his blanket. Good for you doing the yoga Destiny! I'm glad you are keeping it up too! *high five*