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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 202 (day 6 / week 29)

Today I had a friend come along and exercise with me :). I saw she had posted a first blog post on Sparkpeople, and I saw a tiny little cry for motivation in it. She said she wanted to do something today and wanted to be more accountable for her food, but I know, just from previous conversations that we've had, that she needs/wants help and just doesn't know where to start, or how. I promised her that I would help motivate her and so I'm keeping my word. I know how hard it is.

I called her up after reading her blog, and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with the Monkey Boy and I and...she did :). Way to go! Woo hoo! *running man* *cabbage patch.* The first step for doing something, is saying "yes!" to any opportunity that may present itself. If I were her, before I started this blog and found the momentum/motivation/consistency to do this (all by the good grace of God), I would have found an excuse to say no. I'm sad to say that I probably said "no" a lot. The first step to changing a self defeating habit is to be aware of it, and own it. I used to be a "'no' person" because I didn't think I could do it. Now I am a star and I know I can do this! I am just like everyone else, so if I can do this, then I sure as heck know that you can too!

Anyway, we walked the 4.8 mile route that I once posted pictures of here, and did it in 90 minutes (120 minutes after a cool down). My HRM said that I burned 1524 calories, so in theory she probably burned more, because she is bigger than I am--the heavier you are the more calories you burn becuase you have more weight on you that you have to carry and exercise with.

I am so proud of her for coming and I know she got a good workout because I did, and I exercise everyday! I know I will definitely invite her to come again in the near future. It wasn't so hot today (in the 80s when we left--it's only now barely 91F) so it was a good day to do this. The Monkey Boy gave me a hard time about it at first, but got excited when he saw Erin.

Today was a good day and I am glad that I had my friend come along. It made the time go by a lot quicker and was a distraction from exercise itself (we all know how I need that!). I kept one eye on my HRM to make sure that my HR was in the 130's so that our chit-chat didn't slow each other down and it didn't :).

Today's Quickfire Challenges are to walk fast for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3-4 times throughout the day, every few hours. The other quickfire is to difficult for me to type out so I am going to copy/paste it here, so it makes more sense for you guys lol. I can't do them anyway, because I don't have any access to stairs...

QUICKFIRE Climb Your Way to Fitness! emoticon

1. Start out with two trips up and down a flight of stairs.

2. For your next two trips, pick up the pace going up the stairs, and walk down at a moderate pace.

3. For trips five and six, take giant steps by placing your foot on every other step. Walk down at a moderate pace.

4. The seventh and eighth trip you should vigorously pump your arms (think Rocky) as you climb, then walk down slowly.

5. Finally for the last two minutes, perform quick steps up and down on the bottom step (like a football drill). emoticon

If necessary, hold on to the railing when descending the steps.

A flight of stairs is categorized as a set of steps reaching from one floor to another in a building. Generally, the stairs bend upon themselves to save space. The usual amount of stairs in "a flight" is around 30, though it differs widely

emoticon QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Space these out to 4 to 5 SETS; spaced throughout the day in order to keep Spiking your Metabolism ALL DAY! emoticon
I hope you all have a great day! If you need help with motivation, find a buddy that has motivation! Seeing motivation in someone can usually start a spark in you! Isn't it motivating to see other people motivated? It is for me! Finding someone who isn't motivated can be helpful too, if you are able to motivate each other...but I have found in my life, misery enjoys company and that applies to motivation as well (2 unmotivated people=2 unmotivated people). If you need a buddy, I'll be your buddy! Don't be afraid to ask for help! Motivation creates momentum and momentum creates motivation--it's an ongoing cycle and it's so true!!! You can do this!

Make it count!

I can do this. I am a star.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love the fact that you're paying it forward! Way to pass the motivation around lady!!!

loreejo said...

well how cool is that? very! my 18 y.o. (5'9", 140#) daughter did the shred with me today and it was SO much more fun with a buddy! it's only 20 minutes, but it went quicker. also, I was able to out-do her on a couple of moves! tee hee

Melissa Henning said...

Thank you Jen! I totally agree...God blessed me with the motivation, the least I can do is pass it along :).

Glad you had a buddy Loree! It does go by much quicker, and it's fun :). You go girl for showing her up! lol

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