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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 36 (day 1 / week 6)

Today is the 36th day that I have exercised, in a row. Exercising day after day isn't an amazing thing, although I do appreciate the compliment. It's a facade to what I am really doing--documenting my new years resolution. I am just reaping the benefits of it :). I am no different than you. Underneath every blog post is a mind game that I am playing with myself, and so far I'm winning. I have gotten to know how my brain works, when it comes to exercise, through a lot of failure, tears and prayer. I found that when I exercise, to exercise, it fizzles out (like it has for a lot of you), I don't stick to it and my rest days turn permanent until my next bout of exercise.

I am not strong enough to exercise to be fit and healthy (I'm too lazy for that). I used to be, and I hope that doing this will put me in that place again. It's like, reading a book that you HAVE TO read in school (remember those?). I was NEVER able to read books because I had to. I had to want to, so in order to do that, I would have to trick my brain into thinking, "oh, I want to read this book, it's interesting and I'm interested in the civil war era and that's why I am going to read it." I would have to do this a lot, with a lot of things. I know I wouldn't be able to stick with this if I think about it as exercising to exercise, and that's why I try not to thing about it that way. I just do it. It took me many, many, many times of starting up and quitting to realize this. It's all psychological for me, of course. I am just reaping the benefits of my blog and it's great so far.

I really hope that those of you struggling out there, like me, can find what it is, to trick your brain into exercising. It's hard and I feel extremely blessed, that I found a way to trick my brain into doing it. If I didn't have this blog, and all of you supporting me, I surely would have stopped by now.

I did, "burn it up" again (no surprise) and can do the "jogging" part now. I did it yesterday, and was able to do it today. It's so silly, cause you only "jog" for like 10 seconds, through various times in the video, and then go to a brisk march. Up until now I have always done kind of a shuffle hop march, if that makes any sense. I wasn't able to get myself up off of the ground to do it, like get my feet to kick back to a jog (maybe I'm not light enough or my legs aren't strong enough) but my legs are getting stronger, so we will just chalk it up to that. It seemed harder than yesterday and I have no idea why. I guess that's just life. *shrugs* lol.

I feel great, and I can definitely tell you that if I didn't promise myself, and all of you that I would do this everyday, I would have quit when I took my measurements. It seems like so much work to see so little results, but this is only day 36. I WILL see better results the longer I do this. Try to keep that in mind when you exercise for a week and get on the scale, and don't see what you want. I promise you, if you stick with it, it WILL get better for you. If I can do this, you can too! If I am a star, so are you! Never forget that! We all just shine for different skies, and have different things that make us shine.

We can do this! We are stars!


Ellie said...

We can totally do this! Yay for jogging! I'm two weeks into my ten-mile-race training plan and so far I've totally been able to trick my brain into thinking that I love the treadmill. Shhhh....don't tell it!

ღ Destiny ღ said...

I am tricking my brain as well! I'm telling myself I love to exercise. What I really love is the way I feel AFTER I've exercised. Not to sound bad, but I am glad that you only lost a little bit in one month, because now I know I am on the right track and doing well. I have been so bummed and ready to give up because I haven't seen ANY results really. But I know I will and I am keeping this all up because of the motivation you give me. My knees hurt. I got out my step ladder to clean the top of the refridgerator and my knees hurt to get up and down. They usually don't hurt! I don't hear or feel popping or grinding with my knees, just PAIN. My hips pop a lot, but I don't feel anything when they do and they don't hurt. I wonder why that is? Good job with your exercising, 36 days in a row is a long time! Shine star SHINE!! :)

Melissa Henning said...

When will you be completing your 10 mile race Ellie? Good luck with that! I won't tell the treadmill, but I think the elliptical already knows, cause he told me last week ;).

Des, make sure when you step up on your ladder and do stuff where you are squatting that your knee isn't going passed your toe. When I am stepping on my stool, I have to make sure that I am distributing the weight in my legs, and not on my knee cause I do that a lot too.

When I think about my measurements, the thing I have to remind myself is that it was actually only like 20 days. I took my first measurements on the 10th day I think, so I guess it's not that bad for only 20 days (I think it's actually 22). Try not to compare your numbers with mine because everyone loses at a different rate. We are both doing completely different workouts also so we are going to see a lot different results as well :). Good job with your exercising too!