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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A twofer

Well, yesterday stunk. It started off a good day--got my pray on, work on and exercise on (14,821 steps). I had accomplished almost 6 hours of work before 10:30am--it was a great start to a day...

then I got a series of strange text messages from my hubby. Strange and almost frantic. I could feel his panic in his words.

"I am really freaked out, please call me."

"We are broke, no money is in our account as of now."

What the heck is going on? I didn't get these texts until almost 2 hours after he had sent them (I am one of those rare people that leaves my cell phone in my purse at work). What happened?

So many things ran through my mind as the phone rang while I was trying to call him back. Was it my car? Insurance? Did the rent check go through? Something we forgot? Zero? How on earth do we have zero (we are not bad with our budgeting)?

It turns out that we don't have zero. We have less than zero.

It turns out that a past debt of my husband--almost 10 years old before we got married came back to haunt him...us. There is a legal hold on the money in our bank account and we will probably never see it again. It's really too much to post here, but I will just say that I have had to get a lawyer which we have an appointment with after my hubby gets off of work, to get this taken care of. The company bugging him, got to me because in the state of Nevada, his debt is mine, and mine is his (although I have none). Hopefully we can get this taken care of.

I am so annoyed at this, but feel blessed at the same thing. Things could be so much worse! We got most of our bills paid for for the month, so we just have to play catch up for a little while and pay the bank back. At least we have jobs! There are so MANY plus sides that for me it's hard to be smoking angry. My hubby might have to file for bankruptcy (and I might have to also, according to a bankruptcy lawyer I spoke with yesterday) but that would be a good thing, because then nothing he did in the past can haunt him or again. We don't own a house so they can't take that. The fact that we were never given notice of this happening is also a plus on our side. They didn't send us a letter or anything. I just pray that something can be done. Thank God for family.


(now for today)

All this being said, my measurements are the last thing on my mind. I hate to say it, but so is exercise. I'm sure it shows. I haven't been shoving food into my mouth but the last 2 days have been hard because we have to do w/ what is in the house, and that isn't a whole lotta healthiness (at least I haven't had any sugar or soda, which is good because I could REALLY do w/ a candy bar or ice cream right now). I have spent the entire day so far on the phone trying to fix things. The measurements are going to have to wait until Saturday or until my hubby is in the mood to help me with them.

I walked away from this blog for a little while to help the Monkey Boy with some stuff and I thought that what I need to do is make a list. An exercise to-do list, of doable things, like quickfire challenges (a few sets equaling 100 throughout the day), so that I at least get exercise in for today. I wont lie, I'm not in the mood for cardio or even the Wii Fit. When I am done, I will update and put "(done)" next to it. Here it is:

Seated Knee Lifts with Chair


Jumping Jacks

Standing Back Extension with an Object

I guess this is all for now. Don't want to over due it.

Sorry for venting, for flaking on my daily affirmation to blog each day. Sometimes it's just not possible. It doesn't mean that I am throwing in the towel though :).

I can do this. I am a star.



Erin said...

If it makes you feel any better, we spent the first ten years of our marriage dealing with stuff like this...on and off, always a surprise. What did I learn from the experiences? It is only money and you will be fine, even as you want to pull your hair out during the stress. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

hope everything gets taken care of. hang in there!!!

Unknown said...

What a Great Memories!