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Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 358 (day 1 / week 51)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone spent precious time with their loved ones or doing whatever it is you wanted to do.

Today was a lot like yesterday. Push-ups before bed and all. I think I am going to start doing them daily. We'll see.

This morning we did the Santa thing for our 3 year old. He scored and loves his drum set. I know all parents say this about their toddlers, but he is so talented! He has rhythm and he is already playing to his favorite songs (A-B-Cs, Happy Birthday and Old MacDonald).

While he was unwrapping presents, the cat came back. It meowed loudly at our front door until my hubby opened it and then it walked right in, like it lived here.

I won't let myself get attached to this cat. It's someone's pet. I feel stuck because we fed the cat and she probably isn't going anywhere now that we did, but it's like one of those situations that you can't win from. We couldn't turn our backs on it and just let it go out and die in our yard (the poor thing is so skinny--all you feel is bones when you pet it) and we fed it because of this, so it's not going away. She ate 3 cans of tuna and a bowl of milk. If we just take her to the pound, no one will take her (she is SO horribly skinny) and they would probably just put her to sleep. We still can't find her owners so I am going to venture out a little farther away tomorrow and put up posters. She has this distinct orange sweater on her that would make it easy to identify her with, and a really long tail, so that might help too. I can't help but wonder if God brought her to us because He knows we will care for her and that my hubby will tolerate her (he is a cat person), if her family didn't want her anymore and that my heart still aches from Pebbles. Logan has been really good to her too (very gentle).

My MIL says there is a cat hospital up the street that will look at her for free to see if she is chipped and/or sick. I am not sure how I feel about adopting this cat if it is just a stray and if in the end, no one turns out to want her, but in a way she already adopted us! We got a litter box in the meanwhile until we find her family, but she won't use it at all. I know nothing about cats (I'm a dog person) and my hubby says that it could be a sign of illness. She was a house cat at some point, so I would think she would know how to use it. *shrugs* Anyone got any tips, comments, suggestions?

Here is a picture of her.

That is my son's blankey she is chillin on. He is VERY territorial with it (understatement of the year) but he is ok w/ her laying in it ???. Strange boy. Strange cat. (thank goodness for washing machines! lol). Off to bed.

Merry Christmas. God bless!

I can do this. I am a star.


Anonymous said...

Is she not using the litter box but going somewhere else or is she not going at all? It could be that she's been so starved that food hasn't had a chance to process thru her system. In my experience (and I've had many cats, both indoor and outdoor), house cats will definitely use the litter box but this kitty has definitely had it rough lately so who knows, it might just take her a while. I do think getting her checked out by the vet is a definite must, she may need treatment for worms or some such but with TLC may come to be a healthy beautiful cat again. I'm so glad you're doing everything you can for her, including trying to find her family if they are out there.
I feel for you about Pebbles, I really do. I haven't commented before but have followed your journey since day one and I'm very inspired by your commitment to making it work thru all the normal ups and down of life.
Merry Christmas! AN

momstheword said...

Maybe she really does need a home. Several years ago we found a stray and named him Mystery (since we didn't know where he came from).

We found him outside our door during an awful thunder and rain storm. No ID, no nothing. We took him in and put up signs and combed the neighborhood but no one claimed him. So he was ours.

The first couple of days all he did was lie around and sleep a lot. He walked very slowly and we thought he was really old. After a few days he perked up and was running all over the house!

The vet said that judging from his condition and his paws he had been living outdoors for several months and probably wouldn't have lasted much longer, poor thing!

yeah, I think your son is just the right age to begin! Tomorrow I am doing a guest post on another blog about training children to do chores. I have listed some chores that my then aged four year old was doing. So pop over if you want and check out the link.

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